Make lino block prints with styrofoam and outsmart The Great Library in Rachel Caine's Paper and Fire

by - 1:02:00 AM

Reader: Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine
MakerLino Block Prints with Styrofoam from Instructables

I just love this series.  Secrets, machines, alchemy, romance, villains: what's not to love.  Build Thomas's machine and outsmart The Great Library!

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  1. Subsequent to adapting some astonishing data, Jess and the others set out on a hazardous mission to spare one of their own, covertly plotting to upset the Library in an activity stuffed account spreading over Alexandria as well as Rome and even London. Avoiding automata animals and treachery every step of the way, Jess and his companions soon discover that even the spots they've once called home aren't sheltered and that the Library will give up anything and anybody to hold its unwavering force.