Create beautiful and easy wire bracelet like the librarian's wristbands in Ink and Bone

by - 12:09:00 AM

Reader:  Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine
Maker:  Librarian Wristband/Bracelet from I Spy DIY.  This tutorial is for a simple, single wire bracelet.  Students can use this as a starting point to create their own bracelets inspired by the librarians bracelets of gold or bronze with hieroglyphics and library emblems.
Triangle wire bracelet from I Spy DIY

As I read Ink and Bone, I kept thinking about a bracelet I bought that was copper and silver hammered together.  I pulled it out of my jewelry box and wore it while reading this and Paper and Fire from The Great Library series.  I love this series but I have thought that each book was about 10 chapters too long.  Check out the Reader Maker connection for Paper and Fire.  

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